Solving real problems.
Driving real impact.

We are Fidelity Labs, Fidelity Investments’ software incubator and digital studio.
How we do it
We identify and research customer problems and category-shifting ideas.
We prototype and test multiple concepts with customers early and often to find the best solution.
The most promising concepts grow and scale into a new business for Fidelity, or a standalone venture.

Identify & Prioritize

Research & Assess

Design & Experiment

Build & Pilot

Launch & Market

Adapt & Grow

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What is fintech, and why is it important?

Fintech is the future of finance, powered by technology. By bridging these two worlds we can level the playing field and improve financial wellness for more people, making a difference for the diverse set of customers, businesses, and financial institutions we serve.

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Launches, milestones, facts

We launched SaifrTM, a SaaS business using AI to help create compliant, on-brand content more efficiently
We launched CatchlightSM, an AI-powered software to help financial advisors grow their business
We launched ESG Pro®, an end-to-end ESG investing solution for financial advisors
We introduced continual deployment, enabling daily production releases to our customers
We built a fresh approach for achieving savings goals, opens in new window.
We built secure storage, opens in new window. for life’s most important documents
We created guidance for helping find the right Medicare plan, opens in new window.
We launched a program to help grads tackle student debt, opens in new window.
We created a tool to help ease the burden of estate planning, opens in new window.
We introduced design thinking to the firm
We designed training for associates transitioning into tech roles
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