Builders at Heart

Our mission is to build awesome products to shape the future for our customers and the industry.

Our Story

“Increasing Fidelity’s pace of innovation has been and continues to be critical to our long-term success.”
— Abby Johnson, CEO

The entrepreneurial spirit behind Fidelity Labs has been in place since Edward C. Johnson II founded the firm in 1946, disrupting the investment community’s status quo with a series of game-changing industry firsts.​

​Fidelity Labs was founded in 2005 to accelerate the development of new tools and capabilities for Over the years, our work and mission has evolved, but Labs has always played a critical role in driving growth and innovation for Fidelity. Since 2019, we’ve been focused on pursuing new business opportunities to shape the future for Fidelity, its customers, and the industry.

Curiosity, collaboration, entrepreneurship

Innovation isn’t driven by individuals working alone. It takes an entire team to look to the future, decide which opportunities to pursue, and create new solutions that have the potential to impact millions of customers. We asked our team about what makes Fidelity Labs such a great place to work, and here’s what they said:

Smart, fun, and supportive team
Great work-life balance
Building future businesses from the ground up
Interesting problems to solve
Skill building and career growth
Backing from an industry leader

Fidelity labs at a Glance

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