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Our Story
“Our challenge is to find the right balance between continuous organization and long-term planning. But the key is that we can’t wait for customers and clients to tell us what they want or like. We must stay nimble and anticipate what customers need.”
— Abby Johnson, CEO

The entrepreneurial spirit behind Fidelity Labs has been in place since Edward C. Johnson II founded the firm nearly 70 years ago, disrupting the investment community’s status quo with a series of game-changing industry firsts.

Fidelity Labs was founded in 2005 to accelerate the development of new tools and capabilities for Fidelity.com. Over the years our work and mission has evolved, and Labs plays a critical role in driving growth and innovation for Fidelity. Today, we provide a safe space for multidisciplinary teams to explore new business ideas to quickly test with customers. The most promising concepts will scale within an existing business unit, or as a new standalone Fidelity venture.

Curiosity, collaboration, entrepreneurship

Innovation isn’t driven by individuals working alone. It takes an entire team to look to the future, decide which opportunities to pursue, and create new solutions that have the potential to impact millions of customers. We asked our team about what makes Fidelity Labs such a great place to work, and here’s what they said:

Smart and fun co-workers
Great work-life balance
Like a startup, but with patient, deep capital
Interesting problems to solve
Skill building and career growth
Building future businesses

Culture eats innovation for lunch


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